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Wall of Angels #1

$ 2.50

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Publisher: 2026

Creators: Anthony Garcia and The Jimenez Brothers

Pages: 24 b&w

Language: English

Genre: Adventurelicious

Synopsis The Franchise (part 1 of 6). Nick Jerman is the newest super-hero on the block, thanks to his new, company-issue E-Suit. Unfortunately for him, the era of super-heroes is coming to an abrupt end. With society teetering on the brink of collapse, ordinary people must accomplish extraordinary feats. Who will give themselves unselfishly to the impending struggle? Who will fall into unending despair?

Wall Of Angels is not a super-hero book (although it seems to be). It is an exploration of Human nature, of why people do the things they do, and why some are compelled to be Angels in a world ruled by chaos. Each story arc will have a different cast of characters in a different era in time, perhaps leading to a different conclusion of what is good and evil.