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The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel

$ 19.95

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Publisher: Big Head Press

Creators: Written by L. Neil Smith, art by Scott Bieser, colors by ”3

Pages: 186 color

Language: English

Genre: Fantastical Drama

In 1987, Denver homicide detective Lt. Edward “Win” Bear investigates the murder of a University of Colorado physicist—and finds himself fighting for his life against the dreaded Homeland Security Police. A laboratory accident blows him into a parallel universe, where poverty is unknown, government is nearly non-existent, apes and dolphins talk, and virtually everyone carries guns!

Win just begins learning about the advanced science and remarkable ethics of this world, when he discovers that SecPol agents are still on his tail, and are conspiring with would-be tyrants in the new universe to plunge both worlds into absolute tyranny via nuclear blackmail. Can Win and his new-found friends stop this evil plan? Will Win ever return to his home universe?