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The Beast Trilogy: Chapters 1 & 2 - The Dormant Beast/December 32nd

$ 13.95

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Publisher: Humanoids / DC Comics

Creators: Written and Illustrated by Enki Bilal

Pages: 128 color pages (softcover)

Language: English

Genre: Fantastical Drama

Writer/director of the film Immortal, Enki Bilal is recognized as one of the world’s most talented graphic artists, published in more that fifteen languages worldwide. The Dormant Beast and December 32nd are the first two books in a haunting and captivating trilogy that explores the dark side of human nature. Nike is a memory expert who remembers his every experience with perfect clarity. This is more of a curse than it is a blessing, because the pain of his past never fades. Follow Nike as he uses his gift to try to understand his link to Leyla and Amir, both orphaned beside him in war torn Yugoslavia, Nike lives in a violent and chaotic world where manipulating the truth is a powerful tool and a man who can remember everything is invaluable to whoever controls him.