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School: A Ghost Story #2

$ 5.00

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Publisher: Deftoons!

Creator: Brian Defferding

Pages: 48 b&w

Language: English

Genre: Bloody Scary

The second chapter in the SCHOOL: A Ghost Story series.

SCHOOL is about a girl who is murdered and comes back as a ghost trapped inside a brand new elementary school. She has no recollection of where the school is, what her last days were alive and who murdered her.

Terribly afflicted with isolation, loneliness and depression, she longs to uncover the mystery of who killed her so she may rest in peace.

Furthermore, there are monsters who want to erase her from existence. They want to steal the last thing she has keeping her alive… her soul.

Will she find her killer before the crutches of hope fall apart and the monstrous parasites eat her whole? Will the pain of separation from life be too much for her?

Welcome to the first day of school.

Also available: School: A Ghost Story #1