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Fuchsia Galactica Summer Special

$ 3.00

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Publisher: Craig Bostick

Creator: Craig Bostick

Pages: 24 2-color pages

Language: English

Genre: Dreamy Fantasy

The universe barely escapes unscathed in the delicious adventures of “intergalactic superstar” Fuchsia Galactica, her money-grubbing manager Derf Dollar and her naughty robo-kitty Gizmo. You’ll be “Seeing Stars” when Fuchsia hosts an intergalactic TV special gone MAD! Then eavesdrop on Gizmo’s most secret desire in “Gizmo: Queen of the Universe”. After so much mayhem, Fuchsia takes a much deserved (but not so restful) “Vacation on Venus”. Dave Kiersh says “[Vacation on Venus] is soooo great, I can’t stand it!!! Double crossed cross-dressers! This is the best EVER!” Peppered in between are 2 delightful romps with playground pals Soupy ‘n Crackers. Not to be missed.

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