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Cinema Sewer #18

$ 4.00

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Publisher: Cinema Sewer

Creators: various

Pages: 44 b&w

Language: English

Genre: Educational Entertainment


Issue 18 is the all WOMEN IN PRISON issue, and has a sexy full color cover by BRANDON GRAHAM! Robin Bougie provides a exhaustively-researched history (It took a year to compile) of the early years of the Women-In-Prison (WIP) genre, with mouthwatering illustrations by the awesome Kaz Strzepek!

Then there’s a 5 page ode to the 4 FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION movies starring Meiko Kaji, with 4 gorgeous illustrations by Joseph Bergin the Third! Other kick-ass comic artists taking part are Victoria BC’s Ryan Pequin, Australia’s Precilla Equis, and Phil B. from Vancouver!