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A Drug War Carol

$ 5.95

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Publisher: Big Head Press

Creators: Story by Susan W. Wells, script by Scott Bieser, art by Scott Bieser, Lloyd W. Meek, colors by ”3

Pages: 64 color

Language: English

Genre: Political Satirical

Scrooge McCzar is the Director of National Drug Control Policy, and Mary Jane Cratchett uses medical marijuana to control her Multiple Sclerosis spasms. On Christmas Eve when she lights up a reefer in his office to protest his hard-line policy, he has her arrested. Later, he is visited by four ghosts—first the ghost of Harry Anslinger, the first Drug Czar, then by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

The Ghosts present to Scrooge, and the reader, a history of the War on Drugs, detailing how various ambitious men have used public fear and political manipulation to amass power and prestige for themselves at the expense of countless thousands of lives ruined by the war machine. Will Mary Jane Cratchett die in a dirty jail infirmary? Or will Scrooge finally see the error of his ways?