Writer & Illustrator Gerry Alanguilan has given The Independent Propaganda Store the opportunity to sell his critically-acclaimed mini-series, ELMER.

What is ELMER, you may be asking? It is one of the most unique, thought-provoking comic series to hit the independent comic scene in some time.

Don’t believe me? Maybe these blurbs will change your mind…

”Alanguilan has turned into one good cartoonist, and his fable about an angry talking rooster trying to carve out a place for himself in a human world prejudiced against chickens despite promises of equality and equal opportunity. The parallels are obvious but understated, the characters touching, and Alanguilan does as good as job with the dialogue as he does with the art. If I can be allowed one chicken joke, this is the work of a mature talent that has come home to roost. Check it out if you get the chance.”

-Steven Grant (Comic Book Resources, The Comics Journal, Punisher, The Damned)
Original Link: http://www.comicbookresources.com/columns/index.cgi?column=pd&article=2490

”Elmer is the kind of comic that North Americans used to see a lot of in the early 1980s: a story about life using a fantasy element—in this case sentient chickens—and executed with every bit of craft Alanguilan can muster.”

- Tom Spurgeon (The Comics Reporter)
Original Link: http://www.comicsreporter.com/index.php/resources/interviews/6314/

We have the first two issues of ELMER in stock right now but they won’t last for long. Each issue goes for $2.95 US so order your copy today!

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